Cosmetic Dentistry

​​​​​​​Modern dentistry can do more than treat a cavity or two; it can improve the appearance of teeth substantially. With today’s techniques and technology, any smile can be improved with cosmetic treatments such as bonding white restorations, placing porcelain veneers, or lightening the color of teeth with professional teeth whitening. Dr. Holloman has experience creating smile makeovers that turn even the most imperfect teeth into beautiful, healthy-looking ones.

Common Dental Imperfections

Common issues that make people want to improve the appearance of their smiles include permanently stained teeth, teeth with jagged edges, misshapen teeth, and improperly spaced teeth. Cosmetic issues can range from completely intrinsic in nature to needing aesthetically pleasing restorative materials. While cosmetic dental issues can vary from person to person, there is hardly anyone who can’t benefit from receiving a smile-enhancing treatment.

Popular Cosmetic Treatments

Some of the most popular cosmetic treatments include professional whitening, the placing of white restorations like dental crowns, and the bonding of custom made porcelain veneers. Professional whitening is far more effective than products like strips or toothpastes that can be bought over the counter. Store bought products might contain unstable formulas or abrasives, which can harm teeth or leave behind a smile with little noticeable improvement. Placing white restorations and bonding cosmetic enhancements like veneers can produce a smile makeover that is noticeable yet not unnatural looking to others. White crowns made from porcelain are great for placing over worn down, cracked, stained, and misshapen teeth while porcelain veneers can be used to produce a perfectly straight, white, and proportionate smile. Old unsightly dental work can also be replaced with tooth-colored alternatives so that teeth are protected but still natural looking.

A New Smile Awaits You

Do you yearn for a more attractive smile? Perhaps a few of these cosmetic treatment options interest you. Fortunately, the first step to improving your smile is as simple as a quick phone call. If you’re curious about cosmetic dentistry, we recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Holloman. At your appointment, you can discuss your concerns and objectives while we perform a physical examination and inquire about your health history. After this takes place, Dr. Holloman will have treatment recommendations to suggest. Call us today to reserve a consultation.